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September 2014 Archives

Know your wage and hour rights as an employee

Ensuring the fair and full payment of wages is a priority for all seasons, though the issue has received much needed attention in recent months. Fast-food workers, misclassified workers in the logistics industry, and mistreated immigrant workers have all recently seen their unfair wages become the subject of lawsuits and media scrutiny.

Pregnancy discrimination suit leveled against New York Mets

Discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace is an ongoing problem that often has to be addressed in a legal capacity to facilitate change for the better. In addition to achieving justice for themselves, pregnant women who speak up about discrimination also help protect other women who could face a similar situation.

Employers continue to fail to pay workers what they are owed

Reports and lawsuits related to employers' failure to pay workers due compensation have increased significantly in recent years. According to David Weil, who directs the wage and hour division of the federal Labor Department, his division has discovered close to $1 billion in unpaid wages owed to workers since 2010. Weil went on to point out that many of the workers who are victimized are immigrants.

NY senator's sexual harassment claims shine light on problem

According to research from the National Women's Law Center, as much as 60 percent of individuals who experience workplace sexual harassment do not report the problem. In other words, the thousands of sexual harassment cases reported each year only scratch the surface.

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