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New York City False Claims Act: The basics

Those who witness fraudulent or criminal activities of government employers can hold those employers accountable for their wrongdoing. This is generally done through a false claim action.

Are false claims actions allowed in New York City? Yes, New York City supports these claims. This was highlighted in 2005 when Mayor Bloomberg signed the New York City False Claims Act into law. This law is significant as it allows for those who pursue a claim to hold those who attempt to fraud the city accountable to receive up to 30 percent of any recovered funds.

This law was further updated in 2012 when Mayor Bloomberg passed amendments that allow the "public disclosure bar" to be waived and also increase the potential for minimum granted awards to private individuals that move forward false claims actions.

When can citizens bring forward a False Claims claim? In New York, a false claims action can be brought in a number of situations. Some examples include:

  • Payment. Arguably one of the more commonly known causes of a false action claim, this example involves the fraudulent claim for payment.
  • Record. It is also illegal to make, cause to be made or use a fraudulent record to receive a payment.
  • Delivery. Those who are authorized to make or receive deliveries are expected to do so truthfully. A failure to fully complete a delivery is also fraudulent.

These are just three of the examples that can lead to a false claims action. If you believe you have information on such a claim and are considering moving forward, it is wise to seek legal counsel to better ensure your rights are protected.

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