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Is your work stress a sign of a serious legal problem?

Whether you are one of the few, lucky New York residents who absolutely loves what you do for a living, or merely tolerate it because you hoped your job would be stepping stone toward a larger dream, in either case, going to work should not negatively affect your health and well-being. You may not get along with every one of your co-workers and may even lock horns with your boss from time to time, but overall, your work environment should not place you at risk for harm.

Speaking out against religious discrimination in the workplace

In the United States, every individual has the right to freedom of religion or the right to refrain from any organized religious practice if he or she chooses. This right carries over into the workplace as well, but unfortunately, various types of religious discrimination still affect New York workers.

Facing discrimination due to diabetes? You can fight back

Diabetes is an illness that can affect many areas of your life, but with careful management, it does not necessarily have to impact your ability to work. Many people with this disease are able to have successful, lengthy careers, but others may find that they face certain types of mistreatment, even discrimination, because of the severity of their medical condition.

Employment discrimination can be overt or subtle

Allegations of discrimination are in the headlines on a daily basis. Perceptions and stereotypes about one’s race, gender and other features continue to influence how people, institutions and businesses interact. When it comes to employment, discrimination is illegal. Protected classes include race, national origin, gender, religion, disability and more. What this means, is that an employer cannot make their judgment based on any of the attributes list above.

Is your employer stealing from you?

Not long ago, the economy was so bad, many people were just happy to have a job.  When you are just grateful to be employed, you may overlook certain things: A schedule that conflicts with your family commitments, a lower wage than you are used to making, or working outside the office on nights and weekends.

Reporting workplace discrimination without blowing your cover

Federal, state and local laws protect employees from discrimination based on a number of protected classifications, including race, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital or parental status, age, disability, and sexual orientation. When an employee is subjected to what he or she believes to be discrimination on the job, taking steps to address the problem can be intimidating.

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