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FMLA violations may warrant legal action in New York

The Family and Medical Leave Act helps many employees who may need extended time away from work in order to address personal or family medical issues. The FMLA protects workers from suffering unnecessary negative repercussions as a result of taking the approved time. However, some individuals may be unjustly denied leave and face hardships as a result.

What might an FMLA violation look like?

Employees are protected by several state and federal employment laws. These laws protect everything from workplace conduct and hiring practices to wages and hours. While you may know about and understand these laws in theory, potential violations can be much more difficult to identify when you are actually experiencing them.

3 FMLA notification requirements with which employers must comply

Giving proper notice when it comes to employment leave is critical. While many people assume the requirement to give proper notice falls solely on the shoulders of the employee taking leave, employers also have an obligation to give proper notice. This is particularly important to remember when it comes to leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Keeping good records crucial when taking FMLA

Taking job-protected leave to deal with a serious illness or welcome a new child to the family is essential to workers all across New York. Unfortunately, there are people who qualify for this leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act but are afraid or unsure of what will happen if they take a leave of absence.

Don't face unexpected employment issues alone

You might not expect to suffer a serious injury or expand your family this year. You might not expect that you will need to take time away from work to address these matters. Therefore, you probably won't expect that you'll have to navigate the complex legalities of ensuring your job and benefits are protected during a medical leave.

4 possible FMLA violations employees need to watch out for

Employees covered by the Family Medical Leave Act have the right to take leave for certain reasons and without the fear of losing their job. This leave is critical to people who must take time away from work to deal with a medical issue, help a sick loved one or welcome a new child into the family.

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