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Violations of wage and house laws may lead to New York lawsuits

Many New York residents know that when a difficult situation arises, they must often take action themselves in order to address issues. In some cases, problems at work can seem especially hard to handle, and when wages are affected, workers may wonder what route could be best for ensuring that they are not taken advantage of. If wage and hour laws are being violated, taking legal action may be a prudent step.

Wage and hour law violations may hinder New York workers

Having a job and earning wages can often make a person feel proud. In addition to these feelings, it can also allow for parties to provide for themselves and their families by using the wages that they earn. Understandably, when an employer violates wage and hour laws, it can be difficult for employees to make ends meet.

Am I an employee or independent contractor? Why does it matter?

While there are various types of employment statuses, the two main types are employees and contractors. Understanding that there are differences between these two statuses -- and what those differences are -- is crucial for workers in order to ensure they are properly compensated and protected on the job.

The importance of knowing the letter (and punctuation) of the law

Unless you work in certain jobs or industries, you may not ever think about the laws that protect workers across New York. You might not be concerned with definitions or the "legalese" of every bill and amendment proposed and in place. However, in every law, every sentence -- and punctuation mark -- has the power to affect interpretation.

Lawsuit: unfair wages in the NFL are nothing to cheer about

We often read about the multi-million dollar contracts professional football players sign every year. The story goes that if a player has performed well or shows great potential, franchises will pay huge sums of money to sign that player. In fact, there is a salary cap in place to keep teams from paying players too much.

NFL Cheerleaders: A Case Study in Wage Theft

Over the past few years, a coalition of determined activists, labor unions, non-profits and lawyers have done an amazing job of bringing the issue of wage theft to the forefront. The trend is such that the New York Times notified its readers of a "a flood of recent cases - brought in California and across the nation - that accuse employers of violating minimum wage and overtime laws, erasing work hours and wrongfully taking employees' tips."

Amazon Prime Now Drivers: Employees or Contractors?

The issue of whether certain workers should be classified as employees or independent contractors has jumped to the forefront in recent years, largely because of Uber - lawsuits have popped up around the country arguing that Uber drivers are actually regular employees, not contractors, and thus deserve the protections and benefits afforded to employees by law. Generally, this has been portrayed as a "sharing economy" issue, a byproduct of the rise of lone gunmen workers joining up with tech firms to offer a service quasi-individually. But actually, most notably with UPS and FedEx drivers, this is something that has been considered in the legal field for years now, before Uber was on the scene.

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