Minimum Employees:

  • Federal law: generally 15+
  • New York State/City law: 4+

Statute of limitations:

  • Federal law: 300 days
  • New York State/City law: require an individual to file a claim:
    • 3 years in court; or
    • 1 year with administrative agency

Potential Damages:

  • Backpay
  • Front pay
  • Attorney’s fees and costs
  • Punitive damages
  • Compensatory damages
  • Injunctive relief including reinstatement

Fighting Back Against Harassment At Work

Harassment is one of the most odious forms of workplace intimidation. While there are federal, state and even local laws designed to protect employees from harassment from their employers, too many continue to suffer from unwanted sexual advances, cruel jokes and other types of harassment on the job.

Fisher Taubenfeld LLP is an established New York law firm whose mission is to be a legal advocate for hardworking New Yorkers who deserve to work free of harassment. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience and instinctive litigation skills; we put these to use every day to help our clients stand up to employers who allow harassment to occur.

Manhattan Workplace Dispute Lawyers | Helping Our Clients Put A Stop To Sexual And Nonsexual Harassment

Workplace harassment can be broken down into two broad categories:

Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances as well as the consequences that result from failing to respond to a supervisor's advances (this is known as quid pro quo).

Nonsexual harassment includes the offensive comments, jokes and other forms of intimidating behavior that employers engage in against workers on the basis of their age, race, national origin, disability status and other protected classes.

When a client believes that he or she has experienced physical or verbal harassment, we will carefully examine all the relevant facts of the case to determine what his or her options are for pursuing restitution from an employer. We are litigators first and foremost, and never hesitate to take employers to court to vindicate our clients' position. However, when a client's objectives can be accomplished through skilled negotiation, we can and will pursue this lesser conflict option.

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