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Sexual harassment can create hostile New York work environments

Working in a hostile environment can make life difficult for anyone. For some, this type of environment may be created by employers or co-workers who choose to act inappropriately in the workplace. Unfortunately, sexual harassment and gender discrimination can easily cause this type of hostile atmosphere, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to address the situation.

Violations of wage and house laws may lead to New York lawsuits

Many New York residents know that when a difficult situation arises, they must often take action themselves in order to address issues. In some cases, problems at work can seem especially hard to handle, and when wages are affected, workers may wonder what route could be best for ensuring that they are not taken advantage of. If wage and hour laws are being violated, taking legal action may be a prudent step.

FMLA violations may warrant legal action in New York

The Family and Medical Leave Act helps many employees who may need extended time away from work in order to address personal or family medical issues. The FMLA protects workers from suffering unnecessary negative repercussions as a result of taking the approved time. However, some individuals may be unjustly denied leave and face hardships as a result.

Your criminal history shouldn't deny you opportunity to work

It may take you some time to find a person in New York City who hasn't done something in their past that they regret. Some of those people never suffered criminal consequences for those regrets, but many others have. Perhaps you are one of those people.

Employment discrimination may hinder promotion chance in New York

Facing any type of discrimination in life can be harrowing. Unfortunately, many individuals have to deal with unjust actions based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion and other personal aspects. When employment discrimination takes place, parties may feel particularly devastated by the wrongful actions to which they are subjected as those actions could negatively impact their financial and personal livelihood.

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