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Employment discrimination can affect those with disabilities

Numerous people across the country have a disability in one form or another. The type of disability and its effects differs from person to person. In many cases, individuals have found ways to handle their conditions without them causing tremendous difficulty in their lives. Unfortunately, even though these parties may know that, with slight accommodation, they can do what other able-bodied individuals can, they may still face employment discrimination.

Did you become eligible for overtime pay this year?

You may not have paid attention to changes made to the basic salary threshold by the New York Department of Labor in Dec. 2016. Perhaps that was because it didn't affect you in 2017. Now that it's a new year, your employment status may have changed, and you may now be eligible for overtime even as a salaried employee.

Employment discrimination may lead to unjust firings

Going to work every day can be difficult for many people. They may immensely dislike their jobs, hate being away from their families or face mistreatment while at work. In the latter case, New York workers may dread going into work due to employment discrimination that leads to their jobs becoming more difficult than necessary.

Fear of retaliation often keeps lid on sexual harassment

Many people have a great need for their jobs. Though the work they do may not be the most ideal, they may rely on their paychecks to meet their needs. Unfortunately, this reliance may make individuals stay in their jobs even if they face mistreatment, or they may fear more mistreatment if they complain about sexual harassment or other misconduct.

Woman files sexual harassment lawsuit against Google after firing

Feeling unsafe in a workplace environment can make it difficult to go to work every day. Even when individuals land their dream jobs, they may soon find themselves wondering how they could have wanted to work at an establishment in which sexual harassment and/or other misconduct takes place. Unfortunately, these types of actions can take place in any industry, and many people become victims.

Wage theft cheats workers out of rightfully earned wages

Though many people enjoy working, it can often take a toll on them both physically and mentally. Long days, hard work, difficult customers and other factors can all make jobs seem tedious. However, most people are willing to deal with these aspects in order to gain their compensation. Unfortunately, on top of other difficult aspects of their jobs, some New York workers have to also contend with wage theft.

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