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Disabled individuals may face employment discrimination

No one enjoys the feeling of being discriminated against. Even in situations when people think they are helping, they may actually be carrying out discriminatory actions. When it comes to employment discrimination, these actions are generally not even attempts to be helpful and can actually prevent a person from obtaining a job or keeping a position.

Sexual harassment may make men feel weak, unable to complain

Few people, including New York residents, want to consider themselves victims. It may make them feel weak or as if they have been irreparably damaged. As a result, individuals who have endured sexual harassment often prefer to refer to themselves as survivors. However, many men who have experienced such harassment may feel reluctant to refer to themselves at all in relation to the topic.

FMLA should protect workers, but employers may violate rights

Many New York workers take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, which provides eligible individuals with extended leave from their jobs. The law allows workers to take up to several weeks away from work without facing risk of losing their jobs for qualifying situations relating to a personal medical condition or one suffered by an immediate family member . However, some employers may violate FMLA regulations and punish workers for taking leave.

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