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Former restaurant workers file claims of sexual harassment

There may be instances when a person is asked to perform a questionable act while on the job. In some cases, the request may seem strange but understandable in the course of their work-related duties. In other instances, managers may exhibit behaviors or require certain actions by workers that constitute sexual harassment.

Are you an exempt or non-exempt worker?

When you look for a job online, you probably narrow down the offerings by searching the categories that best describe your skills. Whether it is management, technical, skilled, sales or others, these categories save you the time and energy of browsing through jobs that you would never want or for which you do not qualify.

Call center contractor accused of wage and hour laws violations

It is not unusual for people to not fully understand the laws and regulations that apply to their employment. Many New York residents may simply be happy to have a job, and they may not take the time to fully understand their rights. Unfortunately, some employers may take advantage of this lack of knowledge and violate wage and hour laws.

The Big Apple has a law to protect you in the workplace

Perhaps you were born and raised in New York City or maybe you are one of multitudes whose childhood included dreams of one day traveling to Madison Square Garden or a surrounding area to go to school, launch a business, get married and raise a family or just plant some roots and see what life would have in store. It's true that NYC has a constant ebb and flow of tourists, and it's also true that many guests eventually become permanent residents.  

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