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There are many ways to report sexual harassment

There are many reasons that New York workers may feel uncomfortable at work. They may worry that they are not doing their job well or that their boss does not like them. In more serious situations, employees may feel a sense of dread going to work because they face sexual harassment from co-workers or managers.

Workers at packaging plant owed compensation after wage theft

Many people have various goals in life. For numerous individuals in New York and across the world, having a job that provides a stable income is one of those goals. Some people may feel grateful for the employment they obtain, but they may also be taken advantage of through acts of wage theft.

Age discrimination is not always obvious

If you are over 40 and looking for a new job, you are probably aware of your challenges. Jobs are scarce, and good paying jobs are even harder to find. While you know the law protects you against age discrimination in the hiring process, you can't help but feel that employers are not giving you the same consideration as they are to younger applicants.

Nurse blows whistle on violations of the federal False Claims Act

When individuals suspect that their employers are committing some type of wrongdoing, they may wonder whether they should speak up. Some people may understandably fear retaliation for being a whistleblower, but it is important that employers are not allowed to get away with violations of the federal False Claims Act. In many cases, individuals who can provide evidence of such violations also receive compensation.

Insecurity should not give way to sexual harassment

In a best case scenario, workers would have employers and managers who foster encouraging environments. Unfortunately, many New York workers know that is not always the situation that many employees face. Sexual harassment runs rampant in many industries, and these misbehaviors may be carried out by individuals in positions of power.

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