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Employers often make mistakes when it comes to accommodations

If you suffer from a disability, you probably already know that you can request that your employer make "reasonable accommodations" to help you perform your job duties, as long as the accommodations do not cause an undue hardship on your employer. Many employers do not have enough experience with the Americans with Disabilities Act to understand how to fulfill this obligation properly.

Human resources should properly handle sexual harassment claims

Being harassed can make any New York resident feel unsafe. In a best case scenario, the victim would have the ability to get away from the harasser and to a safe place. Unfortunately, that may not always be a viable option, especially if the situation involves sexual harassment taking place at work.

Seemingly innocent questions could be employment discrimination

Many people may think and hope that by the time they reach the age 50 that they have established themselves in a career and are nearing retirement. However, it is not unusual for older individuals to find themselves needing a new job for one reason or another. Unfortunately, older parties can often face employment discrimination based on their ages.

Employment discrimination fuels the glass ceiling concept

Most people work hard at their jobs in hopes of advancing in their chosen career paths. Advancement often means promotions, raises and other benefits that could allow them to feel successful. Of course, employment discrimination can often hinder these goals for many people in New York and elsewhere and result in them facing a stagnant career.

FMLA violation leads to compensation for former worker

No one can truly predict what life will throw a person's way. As a result, someone may intend on going to work every day only to end up needing time off due to a personal or family medical issue. In many instances, the Family and Medical Leave Act can provide protected leave that allows workers to take time off without consequence. However, FMLA violations on the part of employers are not uncommon.

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