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Employment discrimination case reaches settlement

Most people go to work wanting to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, some circumstances may prevent them from putting their best efforts forward, and some of those issues could relate to facing employment discrimination. When workers face unfair treatment, their careers and their desires to perform well may be negatively affected.

Google makes changes to sexual harassment policies after walkout

It is not unusual for people to take drastic action in hopes of seeing changes take place. Employees may go on strike, file lawsuits and take other steps in hopes of seeing changes to toxic work environments. In particular, sexual harassment has become more of a focus as workers fight for change in hopes of ending this mistreatment on the job.

Disclosing your disability during the hiring process

If you have a disability, the thought of going on a job search may be overwhelming. Whether your disability is hidden or visible, it is something you may have to address and deal with during or after your interview process. The question you may have is when to disclose to a potential employer that you have a disability. On the other hand, perhaps you do not need to reveal your challenges at all.

Wage theft, other violations impact several restaurant workers

Workers often face a number of difficult situations at their places of employment. Some of those issues may involve customers, co-workers or management. In cases where management is involved, employees may suffer due to mistreatment and violations of their rights. In particular, wage theft is a serious problem that affects numerous workers.

Employers violate FMLA, worker suffers

Having any type of medical condition can make life more difficult in various ways. In some cases, conditions could result in individuals needing frequent medical attention and time off of work. Often, the Family and Medical Leave Act can allow qualifying workers to take leave without putting their jobs at risk. Unfortunately, some employers may violate the rights of workers covered under FMLA.

Settlement reached in New York employment discrimination case

Needing certain accommodations affects many people with disabilities or other conditions. When workers need extra help to complete their jobs or need time away from work to address medical issues, their employers should assess the situation and grant reasonable accommodation requests. However, not every employer takes proper action in these situations, and individuals could face employment discrimination.

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