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Overtime pay violations mean workers lack proper compensation

Some people do not particularly enjoy their jobs, but they do appreciate the income they are able to generate. Of course, many New York workers and those across the country often feel that their wages are in the hands of their employers. So even in cases where individuals fulfill their work hours or even work overtime, they may not receive the proper compensation if an employer is not forthright.

Eliza Dushku claims sexual harassment complaint led to firing

Even with the awareness of just how rampant sexual misconduct is in the workplace, efforts have not resulted in employees finding themselves free from harassing behaviors. Unfortunately, many individuals in New York and elsewhere continue to suffer from sexual harassment while on the job. Additionally, many employees continue to face negative repercussions for complaining about the harassment as well.

Settlement reached in employment discrimination case

In many religions, there are specific daily practices that individuals participate in or items of clothing that they wear in accordance with their beliefs. Though these practices may be very dear to their religious identities, some New York residents could face employment discrimination due to their religions. If so, they may need to take legal action against the wrongdoing.

Do you fear sexual harassment at your company's holiday party?

This year, the atmosphere in many offices may be a little more subdued than in years past following the outcry of sexual harassment complaints from people in Hollywood, news networks and businesses across the country. Human resources representatives in many New York companies have asked executives to tone down holiday celebrations to avoid any opportunity for inappropriate behavior.

Man claims FMLA violation after being fired for requesting leave

Soon after the birth of a child, parents want to have the time to bond with their new baby. Of course, parents often still have obligations they need to attend to, and as much as they would like, they may not have the ability to give every minute of their day to the child. However, under the Family and Medical Leave Act, parents could take time off of work in order to bond with their child. Unfortunately, some employers may not adhere to the FMLA.

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