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U.S. Supreme Court upholds trucking contractor rights

While the U.S. Supreme Court has a long history of supporting big business, on January 15, 2019 interstate truck driver contractors received their support. In an 8-0 decision, interstate truck drivers were found to be exempt from the mandatory arbitration clause typically associated with contractors.

Employment discrimination can negatively affect mental health

It is not unusual for people to have preconceived ideas about other individuals. They may think certain things about another person just because of that person's race, gender or other factors. When this type of mindset results in mistreatment at work, it could fall into the category of employment discrimination. If so, those workers who are negatively affected may have reason to take legal action.

New York's Paid Family Leave law provides added worker benefits

Needing time off from work is something that almost every person needs now and then. You may be someone who needs extended time off due to a personal medical condition or in order to handle a close family member's care or for another reason covered under federal law. As a result, you may have relied on the Family and Medical Leave Act for that leave and for job protection.

New York state leads nation in returned pay for wage theft cases

Workers can face a range of negative repercussions if they do not receive the compensation they are owed for their services. Unfortunately, many people feel afraid to confront their employers over serious issues like wage theft due to potential retaliation, but violating wage and hour laws is illegal. Employers should be held accountable, and employees should understand their legal rights to address such wrongdoing.

Examples of FMLA requirements

At some point in the course of their employment, many New York workers need time off from work. While sick days or vacation days may be able to cover some individuals' needs, others may have conditions or family members with conditions that result in a need for more time off. In many cases, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, can help.

Employment discrimination: Worker demoted, fired for disability

Many people with disabilities often have the capabilities to hold jobs and to perform their jobs well. In addition to likely enjoying their work, they often need the income to help address expenses associated with their disabilities. As a result, when a worker faces employment discrimination due to a disability, his or her life could face several negative impacts.

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