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FMLA violations can lead to wrongful dismissal

When New York workers suffer from medical conditions, those conditions can make it difficult to work or carry out daily activities. However, they may not prevent a person from working altogether. Instead, an individual may simply need time off to handle issues relating to his or her condition. Commonly, that time off is covered under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, referred to as the FMLA, or other state-specific leave programs.

New York City employment discrimination now covers natural hair

Discrimination can come in many forms. Unfortunately, people of color often face racial discrimination in many different areas of life, including on the job. Employment discrimination continues to affect numerous people, but some legislators are taking more steps to help prevent this wrongdoing.

$12 million awarded to workers after wage theft violations

Most people want to find a way to make an honest living. Unfortunately, even if the workers themselves are honest, they may not have the ability to live as they like because their employers are dishonest. Some unscrupulous individuals may commit wage theft, and people trying to provide for themselves and their families may suffer.

Older man claims employment discrimination over job application

New York residents can find themselves needing a new job at any age. While finding employment may come easier for younger individuals who have not yet settled down, older people often have the qualities and experience that make for valuable workers. However, older parties could end up facing employment discrimination due to their ages.

Police captain claims sexual harassment, lack of action by chief

Some workplace environments can allow individuals to feel as if they have a family in their co-workers and a home away from home. Unfortunately, many employees in various industries do not have such benefits. In fact, their work environments can be hostile, and they can face mistreatment from their co-workers, including in the form of sexual harassment.

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