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What are your possible options for seeking back pay?

Going to work every day is not everyone's idea of a good time, especially if they do not particularly love their jobs. Still, you and many other New York residents understand the importance of holding a job and earning an income. After all, without your job and the compensation you receive, you would likely face a number of struggles.

Employment discrimination suit filed regarding age, mistreatment

It is not unusual for people to have mixed feelings about getting older. Some New York residents may not mind putting years under their belts and enjoy the experiences that come along with age. Unfortunately, some people may not feel as joyous, especially if they face mistreatment due to their ages. In some cases, this mistreatment may even include employment discrimination.

Upstate New York workers claim years of sexual harassment

Everyone wants to have places to go where they feel they can conduct themselves and their activities safely. While many individuals consider their home one of these places, their workplaces should also fall into this category. Unfortunately, for many female workers, their work environments feel anything but safe due to the sexual harassment they face.

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