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Major gaming company settles discrimination suit

The company behind one of the most popular video games in the world has settled a class-action suit alleging gender discrimination. New York gamers might already be familiar with Riot Games or its incredibly popular game, League of Legends. One former employee of Riot Games and one current employee filed a lawsuit alleging that the company blocked career advancement and denied them equal pay because of their gender. The COO of Riot was suspended at the end of 2018 after there were reports that he hit employees in the genitals and farted on them.

How do New York's new laws help victims of sexual harassment?

The sad fact is that sexual harassment is far more widespread than it should be. For proof, you don't need to look any farther than the many victims who shared their stories as part of the recent #MeToo movement. The movement has resonated throughout the United States and across the globe, and it has forced lawmakers to act.

Hospitality industry fights back against harassment

Sexual harassment can be a problem for New York workers in an array of occupations. Some industries may have unique challenges in dealing with harassment, especially the hospitality sector, where many customers come through and women workers in particular may face aggressive, uncomfortable interactions. Bars and restaurants have developed a bad reputation for being places where questionable behavior was tolerated between staff or from high-ranking chefs and owners. The #MeToo movement highlighted a number of well-known restaurateurs for this type of behavior. However, the next step involves creating practices that aim to provide long-term solutions for harassment on the job.

Many workers continue to face age discrimination

Even though people are living and working longer, age discrimination continues to be a problem for workers in New York and across the country. A recent study shows that more than 20% of all workers age 40 and over report that they have experienced age discrimination first hand. Nevertheless, nearly seven in 10 people in this age group say they intend to continue working after reaching full retirement age.

Multiple racial discrimination complaints filed in 2019

Those who work in New York and throughout the country are supposed to be able to do their jobs free from harassment, but racial discrimination may still happen. According to the TSA, two employees were suspended after a noose was found at a baggage screening area at the Miami International Airport. The TSA said that it did not tolerate racism while a representative for the airport had no comment. Furthermore, the TSA said that the display was taken down as soon as it was discovered.

Comments about an accent could be discriminatory

New York workers who are teased about their age or accent could be victims of discrimination. One woman who worked at a California hospital said in a lawsuit that her supervisor constantly made comments about herself and the Filipino unit coordinators who worked there. The department director told her and the other workers of Filipino descent to go back to school to learn how to speak and write better in English.

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