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Former Trump spokesperson sues campaign for discrimination

A lawsuit filed in New York by a former spokesperson for Donald Trump alleges that the campaign discriminated against her because of her pregnancy. The former spokeswoman for the 2016 Trump campaign says that several of the campaign's top advisers pushed her out of key aspects of her position six weeks after Trump's victory in the 2016 election, shortly following her announcement at work that she was pregnant. Her pregnancy made news elsewhere because she reported that the father of the child was another senior campaign staffer, who was married at the time.

Female doctors report salary discrimination

Even highly skilled professionals in New York may face workplace discrimination on the job. For example, many female doctors report that their male counterparts make more than them despite equivalent training, education, skill and success. When surveyed, three-quarters of women physicians said that they see unconscious bias on the part of employers as a major barrier to women earning equally in the medical profession. Around 74% of female physicians said that men earned more, even when hours of work or more difficult specialties were taken into account. The survey involved around 400 women doctors across the country, looking to understand the reasons they see for the ongoing gender wage gap among highly qualified doctors.

Worker says he was sexually harassed at Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a popular fast food restaurant with many locations in New York City. On Dec. 3, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced that the company agreed to pay $95,000 to a former employee who alleges that he was sexually harassed by his female boss.

Alphabet investigating executives for sexual misconduct

The board of directors for Google's parent company, Alphabet, has begun a sexual harassment investigation into certain company executives, including the company's chief legal officer. Employers in New York and across the country have a legal obligation to provide employees with a safe environment within which to work, and sexual harassment may give rise to legal claims. According to a spokesperson for Alphabet, the board of directors formed a special committee early in 2019 to review shareholder claims of workplace misconduct.

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