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The Big Apple has a law to protect you in the workplace

Perhaps you were born and raised in New York City or maybe you are one of multitudes whose childhood included dreams of one day traveling to Madison Square Garden or a surrounding area to go to school, launch a business, get married and raise a family or just plant some roots and see what life would have in store. It's true that NYC has a constant ebb and flow of tourists, and it's also true that many guests eventually become permanent residents.  

City Council mulling measures to improve conditions in retail, fast-food sectors

There is no question that those men and women who work in the retail, fast-food or service industry often find it to be an exceedingly difficult way to earn a living owing to everything from inflexible hours and stagnant wages. Indeed, this struggle is perhaps even more pronounced in places like New York City, where the cost of living is always incredibly high.   

What you should understand about workplace retaliation

While the labor laws here in New York provide workers with considerable protection against everything from wage and hour violations to workplace discrimination, the unfortunate reality is that they are often reluctant to take any action owing to a fear of reprisals.   

Are you entitled to a meal break under state law?

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of any employee's workday, regardless of their chosen professional, is their meal break. That's because it's a time to not just satiate their appetite, but also catch up with co-workers, tend to personal matters or even just clear their minds of job-related stressors.

Attorneys at Fisher Taubenfeld LLP (Formerly Serrins Fisher) Obtain Landmark Decisions From New York Appeals Court Expanding Availability of Public Whistleblower Claims

In a landmark decision overturning more than 20 years of precedent, New York's Appellate Division, First Department recently held that a city employee is not required to file a Notice of Claim with the city before suing as a whistleblower.

Do contractors have the same rights as employees? Part I

Contractors are typically hired by a company to work on a project for a relatively short period of time. Occasionally, however, a contractor can end up working for a company for months or even years. When that happens, the line between "contractor" and "employee" can easily become blurred. So before determining your employee rights, it is important to understand whether you are truly a contract worker or an actual employee.

Employees beware: non-competes are becoming more common

If you have been looking for a job recently, your employer may have asked you to sign a noncompetition agreement before it agrees to hire you. Employers may also do the same as a condition of continued employment or before you may receive a bonus or other benefits. A noncompetition agreement ("non-compete") is a contract that limits your ability to work for a competitor in the event of your termination or resignation.

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