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FMLA violation leads to compensation for former worker

No one can truly predict what life will throw a person's way. As a result, someone may intend on going to work every day only to end up needing time off due to a personal or family medical issue. In many instances, the Family and Medical Leave Act can provide protected leave that allows workers to take time off without consequence. However, FMLA violations on the part of employers are not uncommon.

Dismissal after taking protected leave may violate FMLA

All workers in New York and around the world need time away from work at some point. In some cases, employees may simply need a vacation, but for those with medical conditions, time off may be a necessity more than a luxury. In cases of serious or chronic conditions, parties may qualify for extended or periodic leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act without fear of losing their jobs. Unfortunately, FMLA violations are not uncommon.

FMLA should protect workers, but employers may violate rights

Many New York workers take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, which provides eligible individuals with extended leave from their jobs. The law allows workers to take up to several weeks away from work without facing risk of losing their jobs for qualifying situations relating to a personal medical condition or one suffered by an immediate family member . However, some employers may violate FMLA regulations and punish workers for taking leave.

FMLA violations can result in workers' losing jobs

Many people do not enjoy taking time away from work. They understand that they have duties to which they must attend and that they could potentially lose income if they miss too much work. However, there are certain events in life that may present the need to miss work, and the Family and Medical Leave Act can often help workers take time off without repercussion. Of course, some employers may violate individuals' rights under the FMLA.

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