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Police captain claims sexual harassment, lack of action by chief

Some workplace environments can allow individuals to feel as if they have a family in their co-workers and a home away from home. Unfortunately, many employees in various industries do not have such benefits. In fact, their work environments can be hostile, and they can face mistreatment from their co-workers, including in the form of sexual harassment.

Eliza Dushku claims sexual harassment complaint led to firing

Even with the awareness of just how rampant sexual misconduct is in the workplace, efforts have not resulted in employees finding themselves free from harassing behaviors. Unfortunately, many individuals in New York and elsewhere continue to suffer from sexual harassment while on the job. Additionally, many employees continue to face negative repercussions for complaining about the harassment as well.

Google makes changes to sexual harassment policies after walkout

It is not unusual for people to take drastic action in hopes of seeing changes take place. Employees may go on strike, file lawsuits and take other steps in hopes of seeing changes to toxic work environments. In particular, sexual harassment has become more of a focus as workers fight for change in hopes of ending this mistreatment on the job.

New York employers need to stay updated on sexual harassment laws

Employers have important responsibilities when it comes to protecting their employees. These responsibilities can include providing necessary safety equipment and ensuring a hospitable work environment. When policies and procedures regarding sexual harassment in the workplace are not in accordance with the law, a considerable number of troubles could result.

New York sexual harassment lawsuit stems from ignored complaints

When people go through a difficult or traumatic experience, they can often feel isolated and alone. They may not know where to turn for help, and when they do seek help, they may not receive the desired outcome. Unfortunately, many individuals who have suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace can feel this way.

New York employers must meet sexual harassment requirements

Many workers may wonder what their employers' responsibilities are when it comes to providing safe work environments. Often, laws and regulations are in place to help limit and prevent instances of sexual harassment and other wrongdoing in the workplace. Of course, some employers may need to brush up on their compliance.

Sexual harassment investigation focuses on the Spotted Pig

Workers should have the ability to work in healthy and safe environments. Unfortunately, too many workers face sexual harassment and discrimination on the job. As a result, they may dread going to work and fear for their safety. Fortunately, it's possible to look into such actions and work toward rectifying any wrongdoing.

Human resources should properly handle sexual harassment claims

Being harassed can make any New York resident feel unsafe. In a best case scenario, the victim would have the ability to get away from the harasser and to a safe place. Unfortunately, that may not always be a viable option, especially if the situation involves sexual harassment taking place at work.

There are many ways to report sexual harassment

There are many reasons that New York workers may feel uncomfortable at work. They may worry that they are not doing their job well or that their boss does not like them. In more serious situations, employees may feel a sense of dread going to work because they face sexual harassment from co-workers or managers.

Insecurity should not give way to sexual harassment

In a best case scenario, workers would have employers and managers who foster encouraging environments. Unfortunately, many New York workers know that is not always the situation that many employees face. Sexual harassment runs rampant in many industries, and these misbehaviors may be carried out by individuals in positions of power.

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