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The FBI is not free from sexual harassment claims

When New York residents are asked to think of an annoying co-worker, it is likely that most people do not have to think too hard before a person comes to mind. While most people likely work alongside others with whom they do not particularly see eye to eye, the situation could go far beyond that as well. In some cases, individuals may face sexual harassment from one or more co-workers and feel unsafe on the job.

Former restaurant workers file claims of sexual harassment

There may be instances when a person is asked to perform a questionable act while on the job. In some cases, the request may seem strange but understandable in the course of their work-related duties. In other instances, managers may exhibit behaviors or require certain actions by workers that constitute sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment may make men feel weak, unable to complain

Few people, including New York residents, want to consider themselves victims. It may make them feel weak or as if they have been irreparably damaged. As a result, individuals who have endured sexual harassment often prefer to refer to themselves as survivors. However, many men who have experienced such harassment may feel reluctant to refer to themselves at all in relation to the topic.

Fear of retaliation often keeps lid on sexual harassment

Many people have a great need for their jobs. Though the work they do may not be the most ideal, they may rely on their paychecks to meet their needs. Unfortunately, this reliance may make individuals stay in their jobs even if they face mistreatment, or they may fear more mistreatment if they complain about sexual harassment or other misconduct.

Woman files sexual harassment lawsuit against Google after firing

Feeling unsafe in a workplace environment can make it difficult to go to work every day. Even when individuals land their dream jobs, they may soon find themselves wondering how they could have wanted to work at an establishment in which sexual harassment and/or other misconduct takes place. Unfortunately, these types of actions can take place in any industry, and many people become victims.

Five high-profile sexual assault cases

Undoubtedly, you followed the stories of the seemingly endless line of women accusing famous and influential men of sexual harassment. These women had kept their silence, some for decades, for fear that speaking out would ruin their careers. The allegations sparked the #MeToo movement, which encouraged other victims of sexual harassment to come forward and hold their harassers and abusers accountable.

Sexual harassment causes feelings of betrayal, mental scars

When a New York worker is harassed in the workplace, the actions can go far beyond simply making a person feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment in particular can cause parties to have physical repercussions, fear for their jobs and face lasting psychological problems as well. When it comes to the mental aspects of such harassment, many people may overlook such consequences.

Time's Up may help New York workers address sexual harassment

Though sexual misconduct allegations have been swarming through the media as of late, many of those stories focus considerably on the high-profile individuals involved. While it is true that many celebrities have come forward as victims and survivors of sexual harassment and assault that they have faced during their course of their work, they are not the only ones who have dealt with and still deal with such issues. Unfortunately, this problem remains prevalent in many industries.

New York poll takers recognize sexual harassment to be an issue

Most people feel that landing their dream job is a cause for joy. Unfortunately, this joy can be short-lived if individuals find themselves facing a hostile work environment. This type of atmosphere can be created in a number of ways, and having to face sexual harassment can easily create an uncomfortable and hostile environment.

Hugs and kisses: Is one sexual harassment while the other is not?

Most people understand that there are certain actions that are generally considered impolite or otherwise unacceptable. In some situations, unwanted actions may even constitute harassment. Though sexual harassment in the workplace is a prominent topic as of late, many individuals in New York and elsewhere have different definitions of what actions land in this category.

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