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Sexual harassment causes feelings of betrayal, mental scars

When a New York worker is harassed in the workplace, the actions can go far beyond simply making a person feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment in particular can cause parties to have physical repercussions, fear for their jobs and face lasting psychological problems as well. When it comes to the mental aspects of such harassment, many people may overlook such consequences.

Time's Up may help New York workers address sexual harassment

Though sexual misconduct allegations have been swarming through the media as of late, many of those stories focus considerably on the high-profile individuals involved. While it is true that many celebrities have come forward as victims and survivors of sexual harassment and assault that they have faced during their course of their work, they are not the only ones who have dealt with and still deal with such issues. Unfortunately, this problem remains prevalent in many industries.

New York poll takers recognize sexual harassment to be an issue

Most people feel that landing their dream job is a cause for joy. Unfortunately, this joy can be short-lived if individuals find themselves facing a hostile work environment. This type of atmosphere can be created in a number of ways, and having to face sexual harassment can easily create an uncomfortable and hostile environment.

Hugs and kisses: Is one sexual harassment while the other is not?

Most people understand that there are certain actions that are generally considered impolite or otherwise unacceptable. In some situations, unwanted actions may even constitute harassment. Though sexual harassment in the workplace is a prominent topic as of late, many individuals in New York and elsewhere have different definitions of what actions land in this category.

US judicial system to review policies regarding sexual harassment

As numerous news stories have shown, no occupation is free from the potential of employees facing unwanted behaviors. Though most companies and places of employment have policies in place for dealing with sexual harassment, those policies may not be enough to protect workers. As a result, many individuals end up facing harassment on the job, which can have lasting impacts.

Low-wage workers often face sexual harassment

When a serious issue begins garnering the attention it deserves, many people -- including New York residents -- may feel a sense of justice and accomplishment. Over the past several weeks, sexual harassment in the workplace has obtained copious amounts of attention. As a result, numerous alleged high-profile harassers and victims have seen a wave of changes in the entertainment industry. While this attention may allow for movement in a positive direction, what about individuals in low-wage situations?

Some companies taking quicker action for sexual harassment claims

As more and more individuals come forward as victims of sexual misconduct in the workplace, many other people may find themselves feeling the courage to do the same. Reporting sexual harassment can be difficult for a number of reasons, but New York residents may want to remember that they do not have to stand quietly and accept mistreatment. Filing a report with superiors may be a beneficial first step.

Higher-ups do not always address sexual harassment properly

Dealing with any type of harassment in any environment can be difficult. When the scenario involves sexual harassment in the workplace, it may seem even more appalling that such acts are occurring in a place that should promote professionalism. Unfortunately, as too many New York residents already know, this type of situation is not uncommon.

Tech founders face issues with workplace sexual harassment

Each person certainly has conditions that cause him or her to feel uncomfortable. Any type of undesired behaviors directed at people can easily cause discomfort and sometimes fear. Unwanted sexual advances can often result in these feelings, and unfortunately, sexual harassment rampantly leads employees to feel unsafe in their workplaces.

Sexual harassment claims leveled against journalist Charlie Rose

When a person makes unwanted sexual advances toward another individual, it can make the victim feel unsafe. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not uncommon, and it can -- and often does -- happen in the workplace. When instances of sexual harassment on the job are not properly addressed, negatively affected New York residents may have cause to pursue legal action.

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