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Tech founders face issues with workplace sexual harassment

Each person certainly has conditions that cause him or her to feel uncomfortable. Any type of undesired behaviors directed at people can easily cause discomfort and sometimes fear. Unwanted sexual advances can often result in these feelings, and unfortunately, sexual harassment rampantly leads employees to feel unsafe in their workplaces.

Sexual harassment claims leveled against journalist Charlie Rose

When a person makes unwanted sexual advances toward another individual, it can make the victim feel unsafe. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not uncommon, and it can -- and often does -- happen in the workplace. When instances of sexual harassment on the job are not properly addressed, negatively affected New York residents may have cause to pursue legal action.

Sexual harassment continues to run rampant in the workplace

When New Yorkers are working, they undoubtedly hope that they are in a safe environment. Their safety concerns may range from ensuring that there are no hazardous conditions to remaining safe from unwanted advances from other individuals. Unfortunately, sexual harassment continues to run rampant in many industries, and as a result, numerous individuals may wonder what they could do when confronted with such an issue.

Sexual harassment can create hostile New York work environments

Working in a hostile environment can make life difficult for anyone. For some, this type of environment may be created by employers or co-workers who choose to act inappropriately in the workplace. Unfortunately, sexual harassment and gender discrimination can easily cause this type of hostile atmosphere, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to address the situation.

Can I be fired for reporting sexual harassment?

Filing a report citing sexual harassment in the workplace can be very uncomfortable and even frightening. You might feel like you will get laughed at or challenged; you might feel intimidated and discouraged. You might also feel like you could lose your job for filing a complaint.

Holding more than just the harasser responsible for harassment

If you are being sexually harassed at work, it is important to understand that you have legal protections in place to stop this type of misconduct and hold the perpetrator accountable. You should also understand that there may be more people liable for the harassment than the person engaging in it. 

4 reasons why sexual harassment often goes unreported

Employees in New York have rights and protections from being mistreated on the job, and anyone who is subjected to misconduct like sexual harassment is encouraged to report it. Should that fail to remedy the situation, people have the right to take legal action. Unfortunately, this is all easier said than done. 

Sexual harassment, sexism a big problem at tech companies

In recent years, stories regarding harassment, discrimination and intimidation against women in the technology industry have consistently cropped up. In fact, these stories are becoming so common that mistreatment of women has become something of an ugly trend at companies that are otherwise rapidly evolving.

2 types of sexual harassment

When people think about sexual harassment in the workplace, they often imagine a sensationalized scene involving overt sexual commentary and actions. While such a scene does certainly play out in workplaces across New York, many cases of sexual harassment are more subtle and harder to define.

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