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Out-of-state workers claim wage theft over disabled-employee pay

Many individuals with disabilities struggle to find jobs and hold jobs more often than able-bodied people. As a result, they may try to keep any job they come across, even if they are not treated as fairly as others. Still, when disabled workers believe that they have been treated in a manner that violates the law, such as through wage theft, they may want to consider taking legal action.

$12 million awarded to workers after wage theft violations

Most people want to find a way to make an honest living. Unfortunately, even if the workers themselves are honest, they may not have the ability to live as they like because their employers are dishonest. Some unscrupulous individuals may commit wage theft, and people trying to provide for themselves and their families may suffer.

New York state leads nation in returned pay for wage theft cases

Workers can face a range of negative repercussions if they do not receive the compensation they are owed for their services. Unfortunately, many people feel afraid to confront their employers over serious issues like wage theft due to potential retaliation, but violating wage and hour laws is illegal. Employers should be held accountable, and employees should understand their legal rights to address such wrongdoing.

Overtime pay violations mean workers lack proper compensation

Some people do not particularly enjoy their jobs, but they do appreciate the income they are able to generate. Of course, many New York workers and those across the country often feel that their wages are in the hands of their employers. So even in cases where individuals fulfill their work hours or even work overtime, they may not receive the proper compensation if an employer is not forthright.

Wage theft, other violations impact several restaurant workers

Workers often face a number of difficult situations at their places of employment. Some of those issues may involve customers, co-workers or management. In cases where management is involved, employees may suffer due to mistreatment and violations of their rights. In particular, wage theft is a serious problem that affects numerous workers.

Workers at packaging plant owed compensation after wage theft

Many people have various goals in life. For numerous individuals in New York and across the world, having a job that provides a stable income is one of those goals. Some people may feel grateful for the employment they obtain, but they may also be taken advantage of through acts of wage theft.

Seasonal workers substantially impacted by wage theft

There are many industries that rely on seasonal workers when their operations are more heavily underway. Many agricultural-based companies hire more workers during harvesting times or other particular seasons, and these workers can play a vital role in ensuring that the businesses continue to run smoothly. Of course, these workers also deserve their proper compensation, and when they do not, they can easily become victims of wage theft.

Class action lawsuit filed for violations of wage and hour laws

While many New York workers may hold their jobs because they enjoy the sense of purpose it gives them, most people work in order to earn an income. While money may not be everything, it is certainly needed in order for individuals to pay bills, buy groceries and other necessities, and carry out various aspects of their lives. Because of this reason, parties can suffer immense hardships when employers violate wage and hour laws.

Call center contractor accused of wage and hour laws violations

It is not unusual for people to not fully understand the laws and regulations that apply to their employment. Many New York residents may simply be happy to have a job, and they may not take the time to fully understand their rights. Unfortunately, some employers may take advantage of this lack of knowledge and violate wage and hour laws.

Wage theft cheats workers out of rightfully earned wages

Though many people enjoy working, it can often take a toll on them both physically and mentally. Long days, hard work, difficult customers and other factors can all make jobs seem tedious. However, most people are willing to deal with these aspects in order to gain their compensation. Unfortunately, on top of other difficult aspects of their jobs, some New York workers have to also contend with wage theft.

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