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New York City employment discrimination now covers natural hair

Discrimination can come in many forms. Unfortunately, people of color often face racial discrimination in many different areas of life, including on the job. Employment discrimination continues to affect numerous people, but some legislators are taking more steps to help prevent this wrongdoing.

Older man claims employment discrimination over job application

New York residents can find themselves needing a new job at any age. While finding employment may come easier for younger individuals who have not yet settled down, older people often have the qualities and experience that make for valuable workers. However, older parties could end up facing employment discrimination due to their ages.

Employment discrimination can negatively affect mental health

It is not unusual for people to have preconceived ideas about other individuals. They may think certain things about another person just because of that person's race, gender or other factors. When this type of mindset results in mistreatment at work, it could fall into the category of employment discrimination. If so, those workers who are negatively affected may have reason to take legal action.

Employment discrimination: Worker demoted, fired for disability

Many people with disabilities often have the capabilities to hold jobs and to perform their jobs well. In addition to likely enjoying their work, they often need the income to help address expenses associated with their disabilities. As a result, when a worker faces employment discrimination due to a disability, his or her life could face several negative impacts.

Settlement reached in employment discrimination case

In many religions, there are specific daily practices that individuals participate in or items of clothing that they wear in accordance with their beliefs. Though these practices may be very dear to their religious identities, some New York residents could face employment discrimination due to their religions. If so, they may need to take legal action against the wrongdoing.

Employment discrimination case reaches settlement

Most people go to work wanting to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, some circumstances may prevent them from putting their best efforts forward, and some of those issues could relate to facing employment discrimination. When workers face unfair treatment, their careers and their desires to perform well may be negatively affected.

Settlement reached in New York employment discrimination case

Needing certain accommodations affects many people with disabilities or other conditions. When workers need extra help to complete their jobs or need time away from work to address medical issues, their employers should assess the situation and grant reasonable accommodation requests. However, not every employer takes proper action in these situations, and individuals could face employment discrimination.

Legal action sometimes needed after employment discrimination

While many New York residents may not completely enjoy their jobs, they likely still feel that they can get through their work-related duties in relative peace. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for a number other workers. Some individuals can face employment discrimination that can make their workdays dreadful.

Seemingly innocent questions could be employment discrimination

Many people may think and hope that by the time they reach the age 50 that they have established themselves in a career and are nearing retirement. However, it is not unusual for older individuals to find themselves needing a new job for one reason or another. Unfortunately, older parties can often face employment discrimination based on their ages.

Employment discrimination fuels the glass ceiling concept

Most people work hard at their jobs in hopes of advancing in their chosen career paths. Advancement often means promotions, raises and other benefits that could allow them to feel successful. Of course, employment discrimination can often hinder these goals for many people in New York and elsewhere and result in them facing a stagnant career.

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