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When you are the victim of workplace discrimination

Nearly everyone has likely had a bad day at work and may even have felt at some point as though they were being taken advantage of or deserve more compensation. To resolve these types of work-related issues, it’s often best to speak directly with one’s manager or, if that fails to produce favorable results, find a new job. However, in cases where a worker experiences outright discrimination, harassment or wage theft at the hands of an employer; it’s wise to contact an attorney who handles employment law matters. 

Class action lawsuit details widespread racial discrimination at Buildings Department

According to its website, New York City's Building's Department ensures for "the lawful use of over one million buildings and construction sites," throughout the city, "by enforcing compliance with city building codes and regulations." The integral role that the Buildings Department plays in helping keep the city's infrastructure and residents safe, cannot be overstated and it should go without saying that the agency should strive to hire and retain only the most skilled and experienced employees.

Payments in $12.7M Local 28 Union back wages settlement finally doled out

In the United States, labor unions have long been heralded for promoting workers’ rights and fighting for fair wages. However, the story of New York City's Local 28 Union of the Sheet Metal Workers proves that, even in unions that were founded to promote equality, there is hierarchy and widespread discrimination that persists even today.

Study: NYC employers discriminate against disabled applicants

A recent study by researchers at Rutgers and Syracuse University reveals the extent to which disabled New York workers can suffer from discrimination in the workplace. This past fall, researchers sent fake cover letters to various employers across New York. In many of the cover letters sent, the "applicant" revealed he or she also had a disability. Researchers found that disabled individuals were 25 percent less likely to receive a callback or interview for the position. Researchers noted it was surprising, even to them, the extent to which employers discriminated against disabled applicants.

Study: U.S. working women more likely to suffer age discrimination

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, during 2012, the median age for U.S. workers was 41.9. By the year 2022, officials project that the median age of the U.S. workforce will increase to 42.6. Additionally, based on 2013 statistics, the average retirement age for working U.S. men was nearly 64 while it was approximately 62 for working women. It turns out there may be a reason why women, more than men, are choosing to retire as soon as they turn age 62 and are eligible for Social Security.

Deaf woman files ADA lawsuit against Starbucks

In an August blog post, we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since it was signed into law, the ADA has helped protect and preserve the rights of millions of disabled workers to fair and equal treatment in the workplace. While the ADA lays out actions that violate its terms and provides clear directives on how employers can remain compliant, unfortunately some employers continue to discriminate against disabled workers.

Under new law, Human Rights Commission required to dispatch fake job applicants

In addition to federal and state laws banning discrimination against certain groups with regard to employment, housing and public accommodations; New York City has taken additional steps to stomp out discrimination. For residents in New York City, regulatory policies and related penalties are outlined in the New York City Human Rights Law.

Workplace harassment and discrimination—the importance of taking action

From sexually-explicit and racist comments to physical threats and acts of bullying; workers in every industry, position and pay scale may report being victims of workplace harassment and discrimination. While state and federal laws exist banning these types of acts, they can only be enforced if an individual comes forward and reports the abuses they've suffered.

Working parents and Family Responsibilities Discrimination

The vast majority of U.S. residents must work. Today's employers often demand a tremendous amount from employees and, increasingly, U.S. employees are struggling to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Doing so is often especially challenging for working parents who often feel pressured to put in long hours at the office, which comes at the expense of their home life and parental duties.

ADA —25 years of protecting and preserving the rights of disabled workers

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 being signed into law. Prior the enaction of the ADA, millions of disabled Americans regularly and without recourse suffered acts of blatant discrimination when attempting to both secure and keep a job.

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