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July 2014 Archives

Discrimination against LGBT workers prohibited by executive order

Since the 1990s, discrimination against federal employees based on their sexual orientation has been prohibited. However, up until recently, the protections didn't extend to federal workers who identify as transgender. As we discussed in our previous post -- "President may issue executive order on workplace harassment" -- President Obama decided to take matters into his own hands and broaden protections for LGBT workers.

Whistleblower accuses hospital of health and safety violations

Despite the common stereotype of employees who care little about their employers or doing a good job at work, many New York residents strive to be ethical, professional and efficient in the workplace. Some employees find themselves in positions where an employer is sacrificing health or safety to cut costs or simply because it is "easier." Although an employee who takes on the role of a whistleblower may be in for a fight, there are laws and legal mechanisms that help provide protection for retaliation and ensure that employee rights are safeguarded.

Are NYC-based Reality TV Shows Hotbeds of Wage Theft?

Recently, the New York City Council held its first public hearing on the emerging issue of wage theft and exploitive working conditions on the sets of NYC-based reality television shows. The hearing was prompted by a recent report released by the Writer's Guild of America's New York subsidiary, WGA East, entitled "The Real Reality: Working Conditions in the Nonfiction and Reality Television Industry in NYC."

Are Extended Leaves a Reasonable Accommodation?

While federal law protects people with disabilities, New York City law is even more protective. This is particularly true for the doctrine of "reasonable accommodations" - when an employer must work to accommodate an employee's illness.

President may issue executive order on workplace harassment

As many New Yorkers can attest, harassment and discrimination in the workplace are serious issues. In fact, President Barack Obama has asked his staff to compile an executive order regarding discrimination in the workplace against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of federal contractors, which could affect as many as 16 million employees.

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