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One of the advantages that our firm provides to clients who have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace is our ability not only to identify an individual’s particular legal claims against an employer, but also to tailor a legal strategy to reflect each client’s priorities.

Our attorneys are litigators first and foremost, and when litigation is most likely to achieve the best outcome for a client and he or she is ready to pursue this option, we undertake significant preparation to ensure that we present the strongest possible case in court.

At the same time, as experienced problem solvers, we recognize that although clients want to hold their employers accountable for illegal workplace practices, not all are prepared to expend the considerable time and energy that can be required for litigation. It is therefore our goal to determine what is in each client’s best interests while taking into account the measures he or she is willing and able to pursue.

Fortunately, we are often able to obtain a desirable outcome for clients without having to take an employer directly to court. We have successfully negotiated buyouts and other settlements for many employees, allowing them to move on with their lives with a true sense that the legal system has worked for them.

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Fisher Taubenfeld LLP provides comprehensive representation, beginning with an initial phone consultation in which you can discuss your employment matter openly. Schedule your phone consultation with an experienced employment law attorney by calling 646-741-3490 or toll-free 866-654-0343. You may also send an email directly through our website.

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