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New York, other states mandating sexual harassment training

Bringing awareness to a serious issue can often help find a resolution to the problem. Just over a year ago, the #MeToo movement began, and now, several states are addressing the issue of sexual harassment by mandating workplace training regarding the issue. At this point, however, states do not seem to be working together to create a cohesive training program, and some states have not mandated such training at all.

Do you qualify for coverage under the FLSA?

As someone who works hard for a living, you undoubtedly want to make sure that your efforts are not for nothing. Typically, individuals receive compensation for the work they perform, which allows for a fair exchange. Of course, you may worry about not receiving the proper compensation for your work, but the Fair Labor Standards Acts works to ensure fair and correct pay.

Rail worker voices concerns regarding wrongdoing on project

When workers suspect that their employers have not complied with the law or have participated in other wrongdoing, they may have worries about what to do. At first, they may want to trust their employers, but some actions may not be easily ignored. As a result, individuals may feel the need to report the wrongdoing through whistleblower claims.

Out-of-state workers claim wage theft over disabled-employee pay

Many individuals with disabilities struggle to find jobs and hold jobs more often than able-bodied people. As a result, they may try to keep any job they come across, even if they are not treated as fairly as others. Still, when disabled workers believe that they have been treated in a manner that violates the law, such as through wage theft, they may want to consider taking legal action.

What are your possible options for seeking back pay?

Going to work every day is not everyone's idea of a good time, especially if they do not particularly love their jobs. Still, you and many other New York residents understand the importance of holding a job and earning an income. After all, without your job and the compensation you receive, you would likely face a number of struggles.

Employment discrimination suit filed regarding age, mistreatment

It is not unusual for people to have mixed feelings about getting older. Some New York residents may not mind putting years under their belts and enjoy the experiences that come along with age. Unfortunately, some people may not feel as joyous, especially if they face mistreatment due to their ages. In some cases, this mistreatment may even include employment discrimination.

Upstate New York workers claim years of sexual harassment

Everyone wants to have places to go where they feel they can conduct themselves and their activities safely. While many individuals consider their home one of these places, their workplaces should also fall into this category. Unfortunately, for many female workers, their work environments feel anything but safe due to the sexual harassment they face.

Three women who work for an agency that assists the disabled in upstate New York claim that a male co-worker sexually harassed them on the job over the course of two years. Among his numerous actions, one woman stated that the man forced her head between his legs, and another woman indicated that he exposed his genitals to her while she was working. The third woman stated that the man grabbed her and threatened to sexually assault her, which resulted in police being contacted and the man being charged with harassment.

FMLA violations can lead to wrongful dismissal

When New York workers suffer from medical conditions, those conditions can make it difficult to work or carry out daily activities. However, they may not prevent a person from working altogether. Instead, an individual may simply need time off to handle issues relating to his or her condition. Commonly, that time off is covered under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, referred to as the FMLA, or other state-specific leave programs.

The FMLA can come in handy for many workers trying to earn an income and handle medical conditions. However, violations can occur, and one woman in another state claims that she was terminated from her job for taking leave under the law. According to reports, the woman suffered from an undisclosed medical condition that caused her to miss work.

New York City employment discrimination now covers natural hair

Discrimination can come in many forms. Unfortunately, people of color often face racial discrimination in many different areas of life, including on the job. Employment discrimination continues to affect numerous people, but some legislators are taking more steps to help prevent this wrongdoing.

It was recently reported that New York City has created new legal enforcement guidelines relating to the discrimination of people based on their natural hair or hairstyles. This particular issue is reported as disproportionately affecting black people, and while the guidance applies to providers of public accommodation, like schools and nightclubs, it also applies to employers and employment settings. The need for such protections mainly stemmed from the stereotype that hairstyles commonly used by black individuals are considered unprofessional.

$12 million awarded to workers after wage theft violations

Most people want to find a way to make an honest living. Unfortunately, even if the workers themselves are honest, they may not have the ability to live as they like because their employers are dishonest. Some unscrupulous individuals may commit wage theft, and people trying to provide for themselves and their families may suffer.

New York readers may be interested in a wage theft case that took place in another state. Recent reports indicated that over 1,000 workers were subjected to wage violations from their employer, which was a construction subcontractor. Apparently, the subcontractor cheated workers out of their rightful pay on 35 construction sites. The workers did not receive minimum wage, were not paid for overtime and did not receive appropriate rest breaks.

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