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The FBI is not free from sexual harassment claims

When New York residents are asked to think of an annoying co-worker, it is likely that most people do not have to think too hard before a person comes to mind. While most people likely work alongside others with whom they do not particularly see eye to eye, the situation could go far beyond that as well. In some cases, individuals may face sexual harassment from one or more co-workers and feel unsafe on the job.

Unfortunately, one woman in another state had to face such a situation and later lost her job. Reports stated that she worked for the FBI, and during her time as an agent, she face harassment from a male co-worker. Some of the man's actions included creating a fake dating profile using the woman's picture and circulating rumors about her. The woman eventually went to police to file a complaint about the other agent's actions.

Disability discrimination at work is a serious issue

Having one or multiple serious medical conditions does not always make life easier. However, many conditions also do not prevent individuals from having the ability to work in New York or elsewhere, even if they may need certain accommodations. Still some employers may feel hesitant about hiring individuals with disabilities or allowing them to continue working. Fortunately, employment laws protect workers from disability discrimination.

Despite the law, some workers may still face unfair treatment. If so, the law allows them to take legal action against their employers. It was recently reported that a woman in another state has filed a lawsuit against the theme park where she used to work. Reports stated that the woman suffers from multiple medical conditions, but she could still perform her work duties as long as she did not stoop, squat or work in high temperatures.

Class action lawsuit filed for violations of wage and hour laws

While many New York workers may hold their jobs because they enjoy the sense of purpose it gives them, most people work in order to earn an income. While money may not be everything, it is certainly needed in order for individuals to pay bills, buy groceries and other necessities, and carry out various aspects of their lives. Because of this reason, parties can suffer immense hardships when employers violate wage and hour laws.

Fortunately, when these violations occur, negatively affected workers have legal options. It was recently reported that a woman in another state chose to exercise her rights by filing a class action lawsuit against the establishment where she formerly worked. According to reports, the woman worked as a nail technician, but her employer also required that she and other workers carry out duties unrelated to their positions, including cleaning bathrooms.

Employment discrimination: Disabled workers may face unfairness

Developing a disability can come as a considerable shock to some New York residents, especially if their lives change considerably because of it. Still, many individuals in this type of situation want to continue living their lives to the best of their abilities, and that desire may include holding a job. If employers react negatively to a person's disability and do not provide proper accommodation, those behaviors could constitute employment discrimination.

A recent report stated that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a former Walmart employee. While working as a sales associate, the woman developed a disability. Information pertaining to the disability and how it came about was not given in the report. Nonetheless, the woman was no longer able to work in her sales position, but she still wanted to remain employed.

Older women often face the brunt of employment discrimination

In New York and across the country, women strive to do their best at their places of employment. Often, they have a sense of hard work and determination that give them the desire to obtain employment success and reach goals. Unfortunately, many women find themselves facing more setbacks than successes as they get older and employment discrimination begins to rear its head.

It was recently reported that women are commonly forced out of their jobs as they age. Though age discrimination can happen to anyone, women also tend to face gender discrimination on top of that. This double whammy of an issue can easily cause women to miss out on promotions, be considered out of touch with new technology and generally seen as unable to keep up in the workplace.

Former restaurant workers file claims of sexual harassment

There may be instances when a person is asked to perform a questionable act while on the job. In some cases, the request may seem strange but understandable in the course of their work-related duties. In other instances, managers may exhibit behaviors or require certain actions by workers that constitute sexual harassment.

New York residents may be interested in a harassment-related case currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that at least four women have filed complaints in regard to sexual harassment they allegedly faced while working at a chain restaurant. These women are apparently no longer employed by the company, but they stated that they were subjected to harassing actions while on the job.

Are you an exempt or non-exempt worker?

When you look for a job online, you probably narrow down the offerings by searching the categories that best describe your skills. Whether it is management, technical, skilled, sales or others, these categories save you the time and energy of browsing through jobs that you would never want or for which you do not qualify.

However, all jobs fall into two main classifications when it comes to the federal government. You are either exempt or non-exempt. Having an accurate classification at work can make a huge difference in your pay and other areas.

Call center contractor accused of wage and hour laws violations

It is not unusual for people to not fully understand the laws and regulations that apply to their employment. Many New York residents may simply be happy to have a job, and they may not take the time to fully understand their rights. Unfortunately, some employers may take advantage of this lack of knowledge and violate wage and hour laws.

It was recently reported that a federal contractor associated with call centers across the country is facing complaints regarding this type of violation. The call centers work to help individuals with insurance policies covered under the Affordable Care Act, and the wage theft has apparently been going on for more than five years. Approximately 10,000 workers were affected by the situation.

The Big Apple has a law to protect you in the workplace

Perhaps you were born and raised in New York City or maybe you are one of multitudes whose childhood included dreams of one day traveling to Madison Square Garden or a surrounding area to go to school, launch a business, get married and raise a family or just plant some roots and see what life would have in store. It's true that NYC has a constant ebb and flow of tourists, and it's also true that many guests eventually become permanent residents.  

Chances are, if you live in NYC, you work there as well. The Big Apple has a specific law that protects you from unlawful discrimination in the workplace. The more you know about the law the better off you'll be if a problem ever arises. If you currently happen to be facing a workplace struggle, you may want to research the NYC Human Rights Law a bit further to see if it applies to your situation.  

Disabled individuals may face employment discrimination

No one enjoys the feeling of being discriminated against. Even in situations when people think they are helping, they may actually be carrying out discriminatory actions. When it comes to employment discrimination, these actions are generally not even attempts to be helpful and can actually prevent a person from obtaining a job or keeping a position.

In particular, New York residents may be interested in disability discrimination in the workplace. While there are federal protections that work to prevent such actions, those regulations do not apply to companies with 14 or fewer employees. Still, even bigger companies that should be bound by federal anti-discrimination laws can still be unfair to disabled individuals. In fact, the unemployment rate for individuals between the ages of 16 and 64 who have a disability is 70 percent.

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