Recovering Pay For Off-The-Clock Work

Off-the-clock work can refer to many work-related things an employee may do which are not directly related to his or her core job functions, including time spent in meetings and time spent travelling between work sites. It can also refer to employees who work extra hours or otherwise work outside of their schedule. The law requires employers to pay their hourly employees for off-the-clock work. Unfortunately, many employers regularly violate the law. When this occurs, it is important to seek legal counsel who can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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When Is An Employee Entitled To Off-The-Clock Pay?

Employers may not ask an employee to work off-the-clock without pay. In fact, truly working off-the-clock is prohibited altogether. Employers are responsible for keeping accurate records of the time that employees work, including off-the-clock work, regardless of whether employees punch a clock, use a time card or log their hours on a sign-in sheet.

Generally speaking, employees should receive compensation for any work-related activities they perform. This includes any prework or post-work that is required to fulfill their job duties, such as prep work, loading vehicles or performing maintenance checklists. In addition, if an employee is on-call, he or she is also entitled to pay for the time spent on-call. It is important to remember that these rules only apply to employees who are paid by the hour.

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