Woman allowed to sue New York Post, editor-in-chief

Everyone has the right to go to their jobs and not be harassed. But for some, sexual harassment is a real issue and sometimes the only way to address it effectively is by seeking justice through the court system. One woman is doing just that; she has filed a workplace discrimination suit against the New York Post and it’s editor-in-chief.

The woman, who was laid off from the paper in 2009, is suing the paper and its editor because she claims that while she worked there, she was a repeated subject of discrimination based on her gender, race and nationality. The woman identifies herself as a black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican woman.

The woman’s complaint details several examples of why her suit is justified. In one incident, she says an editor asked if the candles in her office were for voodoo. Another co-worker would recite parts of the musical West Side Story to her in a fake Spanish accent. She was forced to work with another employee who had a staff of young, attractive females that he referred to as his harem, and she stated that the newsroom was often sexually charged.

The Post, the editor and News Corporation, which was included in the initial lawsuit, all denied culpability. A judge dismissed News Corporation from the suit because they were not the woman’s employer. However, a judge denied a request for dismissal from The New York Post and its editor, stating the woman met the requirement needed to prove she had an issue that needed to be addressed. The trial is set to start in January, 2014.

Anyone who feels that they are working in a hostile work environment can take action to have the treatment stopped. Speaking with a legal representative with experience in this area can help people learn what rights they have.

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