Employee fired after saying no to employer’s off-duty GPS tracking

Should your employer be able to track your location when you’re not working? No, says a woman who was allegedly fired for disabling a work-related GPS app on her phone.

The woman was a sales executive for a money transfer business called Intermex, and in her lawsuit, she claims the company required her and other employees to download Xora, a job-management app that can be used to monitor employees’ travel. She claims that when she asked if the company would be tracking employees’ locations while off duty, her manager bragged that he could know her driving speed at any given moment.

The suit states that the woman told her manager that she didn’t take issue with the on-duty monitoring, but the off-duty monitoring was illegal, an invasion of privacy, and similar to requiring a prisoner to wear an ankle bracelet. The GPS monitoring reportedly didn’t stop even after workers clocked out using the app’s “clock in/out” feature.

After the woman complained to her manager and disabled the app, she was “scolded” by him and fired shortly thereafter.

According to the suit, the woman’s monthly income from the job was $7,250. She is suing her former employer for retaliation, invasion of privacy, wrongful termination and unfair business practices. The suit seeks more than $500,000 in damages.

If you have been fired for an unjust reason or retaliated against by your employer, then don’t hesitate to speak with an employment law attorney with experience in handling cases of wrongful termination. An employment lawyer can assess your case and explain your available options for receiving the compensation you deserve.

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