When an employer violates employment laws

While U.S. labor and employment laws have helped ensure for the fair and equitable treatment of millions of U.S. workers, a significant number of U.S. employers continue to engage in activities that violate these laws. From a manager who makes disparaging comments about an employee’s religion to a worker who is fired for taking time off to care for an ailing loved one, employers who fail to uphold and violate employment laws can and should be held accountable.

Too often, workers who are the victims of workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation aren’t aware of their rights and therefore fail to come forward and speak up about and against these types of unfair and discriminatory practices. Consequently, nothing changes and offending employers are allowed to continue to violate federal laws and take advantage of and victimize employees.

Employees, who have questions or concerns about how they were or are being treated by an employer, supervisor or co-worker; would be wise to contact an attorney who specializes in employment law matters. For workers in New York City, the attorneys at Serrins Fisher, LLP provide strong legal advocacy to workers who have suffered illegal and unfair treatment in the workplace.

Our attorneys are well-versed in all employment law issues and are not afraid to stand up and fight for the rights of workers. We recognize that every client and his or her circumstances, concerns and goals are different. Based upon these factors, we work to settle out of court or litigate a case to procure the most-favorable outcomes for our clients and their families.

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