Discrimination on the job has a serious, long-lasting impact

There is no doubt that racial discrimination is a troubling and pervasive problem across the U.S. We read about discrimination in law enforcement, politics and education. Unfortunately, we also see discrimination in the workplace.

Despite the fact that there are laws prohibiting racial discrimination, it still happens and it continues to significantly affect those who are discriminated against. In fact, a recent study shows that being the victim of discrimination can lead to long-term health problems and increased stress levels.

The study was conducted by the American Psychological Association and involved 3,361 respondents who were questioned about their experience with discrimination. The survey revealed that more than 60 percent of the respondents feel they are discriminated against every day.

The experience of being mistreated because of gender, disability or race is not one that people can typically ignore. In fact, the study also shows that victims of discrimination suffer with health problems including higher stress levels than people who do not feel they have experienced discrimination. 

High levels of stress and anxiety can be quite problematic. Existing health problems can be exacerbated, diet and sleep habits can suffer and a person can even develop high blood pressure and immune system complications. Each of these conditions has the potential to cause serious and long-lasting health issues.

Further, even the fear of discrimination can be powerful enough to affect a person’s job performance, confidence levels and ability to focus.

Discrimination in any environment should be taken very seriously. In the workplace, for instance, if you are not hired, demoted, denied a promotion or otherwise mistreated because of your race, then you have the right to file a discrimination claim. Doing so can help you protect your livelihood as well as your well-being and health.

Source: Tech Times, “Racial Discrimination In Workplace Leads To Stress,” Alyssa Navarro, March 12, 2016

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