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This blog is primarily meant as a serious endeavor. The postings are written with the aim of giving you information about your rights as an employee. This particular post is a bit different. It recounts some of the more unique employment cases and laws that have existed over the years. All cases discussed here are a matter of public record and were not necessarily handled by this firm.

Joseph Connor sued McDonald’s after his employment application was rejected. In his lawsuit, Mr. Connor stated that he believed his rejection stemmed solely from the fact that he weighs 420 pounds and that this was in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. McDonald’s, in turn, claimed that Mr. Connor’s obesity did not fall under the scope of the ADA. The judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit outright, but an official judgment has not been released.

Religious discrimination encompasses people of all faiths, even Wiccans. A county board of supervisors traditionally allows clergy to say a prayer at the beginning of every meeting. Cyndi Simpson, a Wiccan, asked to be added to the list of clergy. Her request was denied because opening “invocations are traditionally made to a divinity consistent with Judeo-Christian tradition.” Simpson sued the Board of Supervisors. The judge agreed that her rights had been violated and that the Board of Supervisors had engaged in a discriminatory act.

On a slightly different note, New York employees everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief that New York State has taken comprehensive steps to ensure that their risk of being mauled by a large cat is significantly decreased. As of 2015, it is illegal for New York citizens and tourists to take selfies with a tiger or any other large cat.

Never be embarrassed to contact a lawyer with an employment claim or concern. No matter how unique or bizarre your concern might seem, there’s a very good chance someone out there has had a stranger situation.

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