Women and sexual harassment in the tech industry

Harassment in the workplace can come in a variety of forms and may be related to factors including age, ethnicity, race and gender. Sexual harassment in New York is not uncommon and may be more prevalent in some industries rather than others.

In fact, some women who hold notable positions in the technology industry, have recently shed some light on the kind poor treatment they are victims of because of their gender. One woman shared an experience in which she was involved in an interview process as a potential candidate for a promising job. During the process, she received a private message from one of the founders that had significant sexual undertones. She politely declined the request and soon after, the company severed all communications with her. Another woman talked about a competition she won which she later found out was due in part to her physical appearance.

Perhaps the reason why women in the technology industry appear to experience more sexual harassment than other female professionals, is due to the gender imbalance often found in tech companies. Additionally, many women are hesitant to verbalize their concerns in fear of losing out on valuable opportunities related to their career and profession.

The women who offered to share their stories seemed to have a mutual concern about the harassment they experienced affecting their career. For people who have been the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, they may wish to contact an attorney for professional legal assistance. Doing so can provide relief in a variety of perspectives and allow optimal time for healing and recovery.

Source: The New York Times, “Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment,” Katie Benner, June 30, 2017



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