Wage and hour law violations may hinder New York workers

Having a job and earning wages can often make a person feel proud. In addition to these feelings, it can also allow for parties to provide for themselves and their families by using the wages that they earn. Understandably, when an employer violates wage and hour laws, it can be difficult for employees to make ends meet.

New York residents may be interested in such a situation in another state that has led to legal action. Reports stated that one woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Google Inc., claiming that the company did not properly compensate her and other workers. The woman was also terminated from her position with the company without 20 days’ notice. It was unclear why the dismissal may have come about.

In terms of the wage violations, the woman’s claim indicated that she was not given overtime wages when she worked over 40 hours a week. She was also not provided proper rest and meal breaks. As a result of these violations, the woman has filed her claim and hopes that, if successful, the claim will allow her to gain unpaid wages and other damages resulting from the situation.

Not receiving proper compensation for services rendered can cause significant financial damages as well as seem insulting to those carrying out the services. If New York residents have faced similar circumstances in which they were not properly paid, they may wish to find out more on wage and hour laws. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help concerned parties assess their situations and determine whether their employers violated their rights.

Source: norcalrecord.com, “Employee alleges Google violated wage codes,” Wadi Reformado, Aug. 8, 2017

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