FMLA violations may warrant legal action in New York

The Family and Medical Leave Act helps many employees who may need extended time away from work in order to address personal or family medical issues. The FMLA protects workers from suffering unnecessary negative repercussions as a result of taking the approved time. However, some individuals may be unjustly denied leave and face hardships as a result.

New York residents may be interested in one man currently facing such a situation in another state. Reports indicated that the man is of African descent and had been employed by a security company for a little over a year. During his employment, the man apparently requested leave under the FMLA, but a reason for his request was not given in the report. Nonetheless, his request was denied by his employer.

Soon after his request for leave was denied, the man was dismissed from his position with the company. He believes that he was discriminated against due to his race and background, and that his FMLA rights were violated. As a result, he has filed a legal claim against the company and two individuals in hopes of being reinstated to his job and gaining back pay for lost wages and benefits.

When an employee’s rights are denied, such unjust action warrants attention. As this case shows, individuals who have been negatively affected due to FMLA violations may have reason to take legal steps to address their situations. New York residents who believe that they have been the victims of such actions may wish to find out more information on their legal options and whether filing claims could be in their best interests.

Source:, “Employee accuses security business of racial discrimination, FMLA violations”, Wadi Reformado, Aug. 23, 2017

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