Violations of wage and house laws may lead to New York lawsuits

Many New York residents know that when a difficult situation arises, they must often take action themselves in order to address issues. In some cases, problems at work can seem especially hard to handle, and when wages are affected, workers may wonder what route could be best for ensuring that they are not taken advantage of. If wage and hour laws are being violated, taking legal action may be a prudent step.

Workers in another state recently faced such a predicament after being cheated out of overtime and vacation pay. The workers were apparently distributed to local businesses through a temporary employment agency. Though some individuals would work over 40 hours a week, they did not receive overtime pay due to their work being carried out between multiple businesses.

As a result of the compensation issues, one man filed a class action lawsuit regarding the lack of overtime pay, and another class action suit was filed in regards to lack of vacation time and pay. Recently, the temp agency chose to settle the lawsuits, but the company denies that any wrongdoing took place. In order to cover all the affected workers, the company is required to pay approximately $195,000 in back wages.

Wage and hour laws work to protect individuals from unfair compensation for their services. When employers violate those laws, it is not unusual for parties to end up in situations similar to this case. If New York workers believe that their employers have not properly compensated them for their work, they may wish to consider taking legal action of their own in hopes of seeking justice.

Source:, “Workers to get payouts in overtime, vacation cases”, Jennette Barnes, Aug. 25, 2017

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