Is your work stress a sign of a serious legal problem?

Whether you are one of the few, lucky New York residents who absolutely loves what you do for a living, or merely tolerate it because you hoped your job would be stepping stone toward a larger dream, in either case, going to work should not negatively affect your health and well-being. You may not get along with every one of your co-workers and may even lock horns with your boss from time to time, but overall, your work environment should not place you at risk for harm.

There’s a fine line between harmless workplace banter or policy disagreements and signs that discrimination may be taking place. If you believe someone has violated your rights or you have suffered unfair treatment or wrongful termination, you can take steps to address the matter in court. First things first, however; it’s crucial to be able to recognize signs of workplace discrimination.

Know what to look for:

Any of the following situations may alert you to discrimination problems in your workplace. What you do from there depends on your ultimate goal and where you turn for support. If you are currently facing one or more of these issues, you may want to learn more about what resources exist to help people in your situation:

  • If you notice the overall morale among your colleagues has sunk to an all-time low, there may good reason. You may not be as alone in your struggle as you might feel; others may be experiencing similar issues as made evident by their sullen attitudes.
  • In the recent past, have several people quit their jobs where you work? Are your employers suddenly spending oodles of money to host morale boosting events and seminars? It may be more than their attempts to booster spirits; the underlying cause of their efforts may have something to do with workplace discrimination.
  • The average workplace consists of people from various age groups, ethnicity, racial backgrounds and other diversities. If you notice a strange trend toward sameness in your workplace (all workers are one race, one gender or one particular age group), you may be witnessing a form of workplace discrimination.
  • If you have taken to calling in sick rather than going to work to face another day of insulting jokes, sexual innuendo or other harassing behavior, you may definitely have grounds for pursuing a discrimination complaint.

It’s no secret that whistleblowers often face further persecution before they are able to rectify their situations. As long as you are aware of your rights and understand state and federal laws regarding such matters, you may proceed with confidence to overcome the problem at hand.

Where to find reinforcements for your efforts

There are many support networks available to help you fight against discrimination in the workplace. If you have been the victim of a crime, you can seek immediate assistance by reporting the incident to your local police department. You can also reach out for support for any troubling, possibly discriminatory situation at work by discussing the issue with someone well-versed in workplace discrimination laws.

Many New York workers turn to experienced attorneys for help in such situations. It is typically less frightening to seek justice in such circumstances when acting alongside aggressive representation in court.

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