New York workers may suffer from FMLA violations

The Family and Medical Leave Act often acts as a lifesaver for many individuals who have medical issues themselves or who have family members with such issues. Though the FMLA protects workers who qualify for extended leave, some employees could face difficulties if their employers do not adhere to the stipulations of the act. In many cases, violations of these protections can lead to employees suffering negative impacts.

New York residents may be interested in one lawsuit the was recently filed in another state. Reports indicated that a paramedic and firefighter filed the suit after his employer violated his rights under the law. Apparently, the man qualifies for FMLA leave due to needing to care for his autistic daughter when she has episodes of emotional distress. On one shift, he needed to leave early due to such an episode, but his boss stated that he could not leave until he found someone to cover his shift as well as take on an additional shift. 

Though the man was not able to find coverage, he still worked the second shift. Soon after this event, the man was informed he was being cited for tardiness after arriving three minutes late, though caring for his daughter had caused the tardiness. The man filed his legal claim approximately a week after this meeting.

When facing unfair treatment, many individuals may not always know if the actions warrant legal action. Violations of the FMLA may be serious enough that filing a lawsuit could fit the circumstances, as this man’s case shows. If New York residents feel that their rights have been violated, they may wish to find out more information about their legal options.

Source:, “Bedford county EMS employee under FMLA status files lawsuit against county, boss”, Caren Pinto, Sept. 21, 2017

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