Employment discrimination may give grounds for legal action

Discriminatory acts in any type of situation are typically deplorable. Some individuals may choose to treat other parties differently and unfairly simply due to race, gender, disability or other factors without cause. In particular, employment discrimination can have damaging effects, and New York residents who have found themselves in such a situation may wonder what to do about it.

One woman in another state chose to take legal steps after facing discrimination at her place of employment. Reports stated that the woman works for a community development department as a structural engineer. She stated that while attempting to carry out her work-related duties, she was forced to meet a higher set of standards during her work presentations. She also described those standards as being arbitrary.

Though she stated that she had been able to use hard work to face previous discrimination, she claims that the department staff gave her unnecessary work to perform. As a result, she filed a lawsuit for discrimination against the department in 2015. Recently the jury on the case ruled in the woman’s favor, and she was awarded $251,100.

It is not unusual for employment discrimination to make individuals feel disheartened, cheated and upset. It is also common for workers having to deal with such action to feel uncertain about what options they have for bringing the discrimination to an end. As this case shows, there may be grounds for legal action. If New York residents feel that they have been treated unjustly at work due to discrimination, they may wish to consider taking legal action of their own.

Source: bellinghamherald.com, “Clark County female engineer awarded in discrimination suit”, Nov. 7, 2017

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