Sexual harassment claims leveled against journalist Charlie Rose

When a person makes unwanted sexual advances toward another individual, it can make the victim feel unsafe. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not uncommon, and it can — and often does — happen in the workplace. When instances of sexual harassment on the job are not properly addressed, negatively affected New York residents may have cause to pursue legal action.

Multiple news outlets continue to report on the various instances of sexual misconduct that have occurred throughout the entertainment industry. One recent report discussed the incidents involving TV host and journalist Charlie Rose. According to reports, eight women have come forward to say that Rose made unsolicited sexual advances toward them between the late 1990s and up to 2011. The actions he allegedly carried out included inappropriate physical contact and displays of nudity.

Rose made a statement apologizing for his actions, but he also noted that he did not believe in the accuracy of all the claims. Nonetheless, Rose was suspended by CBS News, which employs him as a news co-anchor and correspondent. Additionally, other television outlets which have distributed his talk show have stated that they would stop the distribution in light of the allegations. 

Dealing with sexual harassment in any capacity can be difficult. When individuals are trying to go about their necessary business in the course of their work-related duties, facing this type of predicament can be even more distressing. If New York residents feel that they have been the victims of such harassment, they may wish to consider gaining more information on their legal options for addressing this type of wrongful behavior.

Source: Time, “Charlie Rose Suspended After Eight Women Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment,” Aric Jenkins, Nov. 20, 2017

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