Tech founders face issues with workplace sexual harassment

Each person certainly has conditions that cause him or her to feel uncomfortable. Any type of undesired behaviors directed at people can easily cause discomfort and sometimes fear. Unwanted sexual advances can often result in these feelings, and unfortunately, sexual harassment rampantly leads employees to feel unsafe in their workplaces.

New York residents may be interested in a recent study that addressed sexual harassment in the technology industry. Tech founders were asked multiple-choice questions regarding this type of harassment. The first question was in regards to whether the founders themselves had been harassed or knew someone who had. The results showed that 78 percent of female founders answered yes to the question while 48 percent of male founders also answered yes.

Though sexual harassment has become a significant topic in the media, it may still not be discussed enough. The poll results indicated that 70 percent of female founders felt that this type of harassment is more prevalent than the media reports. On this topic, only 35 percent of male founders felt that it was more significant than displayed by the media.

Dealing with sexual harassment can be difficult. Individuals may fear that their jobs will face negative repercussions if they come forward with their claims, and others may complain only to have their superiors ineffectively handle the situations. When this type of harassment occurs and goes unaddressed, New York residents may have reason to take legal action. Information on options regarding legal claims may help concerned parties better understand where to potentially begin.

Source:, “Nearly 80 percent of female tech founders have experienced sexual harassment at work or know someone who has,” Rani Molla, Dec. 6, 2017

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