Misclassifying workers may constitute wage theft in New York

The wages that a person earns often allows them to live as comfortably as possible. Of course, many New York residents and other individuals across the country may feel as if their income is not at a level that they wish it to be. While this issue may simply come about due to having a lower-earning occupation, more serious problems may be at hand if employers are committing wage theft.

It was recently reported that numerous workers in another state have filed a complaint against their employer for such action. Apparently, individuals working at four different call centers operated by the same company believe that their jobs are being misclassified. As a result, they are not being paid the proper wages for the duties they are performing.

Communications Workers of America has apparently looked into the issue and found that a pattern of misclassification exists. One worker stated that since she began working for the company that runs the call centers, she had been promoted twice. However, the raises that came along with those promotions totaled less than 60 cents. She and other workers believe that their wages should be approximately $12 per hour, but this worker in particular is earning under $10 an hour.

Misclassification can often take place when employers hope to save themselves money. Unfortunately for workers, it may mean that they do not receive the proper compensation for their work. If New York workers believe that they have been misclassified or that their employers have committed other forms of wage theft, they may wish to consider their legal options for addressing the situation.

Source: wjtv.com, “General Dynamics accused of wage theft by employees,” Lanaya Lewis, Feb. 5, 2018

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