Mistreatment due to pregnancy may be employment discrimination

Some New York residents may not know that certain actions taken against them at their places of employment could be illegal. If individuals are treated differently based on certain factors, they could be the victims of employment discrimination. Unfortunately, these actions could take many forms, and individuals could be subjected to unfair treatment for a variety of reasons.

One woman in another state recently took legal action after suffering negative impacts to her job after becoming pregnant. Reports stated that the woman worked at a restaurant, and after she told her employer about expecting a child, she began to receive fewer hours to work, which negatively impacted her income. Additionally, after the woman gave birth, she was not allowed to return to her original position at the restaurant and was eventually dismissed entirely.

She believes that she was discriminated against due to her pregnancy, and as a result, she filed a claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Now, the EEOC has filed a lawsuit on her behalf against the restaurant for the mistreatment to which they subjected the woman. It was noted that before the suit was filed, the EEOC had attempted to come to an agreement with the restaurant, which apparently did not have the desired results.

Individuals who are pregnant should not have to feel shamed by their employers. If New York residents feel that they were mistreated at work due to their pregnancies, they may wish to determine whether the actions they faced may constitute employment discrimination. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help interested parties better understand this course of action and their legal options.

Source: timesofsandiego.com, “Feds Sue Encinitas Italian Restaurant over Pregnancy Discrimination Claims”, Toni McAllister, Feb. 13, 2018

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