Employment discrimination may lead to unjust firings

Going to work every day can be difficult for many people. They may immensely dislike their jobs, hate being away from their families or face mistreatment while at work. In the latter case, New York workers may dread going into work due to employment discrimination that leads to their jobs becoming more difficult than necessary.

It was recently reported that one woman in another state lost her job in an act that she believes was discrimination. The woman had taken maternity leave from her position at a grocery store, and while she was away, a new individual had taken on the role of team leader. The woman stated that the new leader scheduled her to work several days in a row and that she was rebuffed when she complained that the scheduling was negatively impacting her and her ability to take care of her baby.

The woman also claims that she noticed a high number of African-American employees —  a category she falls into — being terminated from their positions. As a result, the woman filed a complaint with a higher-up leader, but to no avail. Additionally, after her complaints, the woman received a low evaluation score despite having already been evaluated previously. She was later dismissed from her position just days after filing another complaint, and she also later discovered that her signature had been forged on a disciplinary action form.

The woman involved in this case has taken legal action against the grocery store, and individuals in New York who have faced similar circumstances may wish to consider doing the same. When employment discrimination takes place, internal complaints may not be enough. If workers believe that they have reason to pursue justice for such wrongdoing, they may wish to obtain evaluations of their cases.

Source: wtxl.com, “Woman files suit against Whole Foods for race, pregnancy discrimination”, March 8, 2018

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