Woman files sexual harassment lawsuit against Google after firing

Feeling unsafe in a workplace environment can make it difficult to go to work every day. Even when individuals land their dream jobs, they may soon find themselves wondering how they could have wanted to work at an establishment in which sexual harassment and/or other misconduct takes place. Unfortunately, these types of actions can take place in any industry, and many people become victims.

New Yorkers may be interested in a former Google employee’s situation. Reports stated that the woman was terminated from her job with poor performance given as the reason, but she believes that the dismissal stems from mistreatment she received on the job. She claims that male co-workers harassed her on the job and at work-related functions, going so far as to spike her drinks and slap her.

Not only did she face these actions, but her male co-workers also made “lewd comments” and sent inappropriate messages to her. After filing a complaint, the woman alleges that her co-workers began refusing to approve her code work as a form of retaliation, and as a result, her dismissal came about. She filed a lawsuit against the tech giant company for sexual harassment, gender discrimination and wrongful termination.

Many people enjoy going to work and earning their living, but when individuals must contend with action such as sexual harassment and other mistreatment, going to work can become a nightmare. If New York workers have been in such predicaments, they may wonder what they can do to address such issues. Luckily, they may have legal options available that could help them seek justice and applicable compensation for damages.

Source: Fortune, “Former Google Employee Hits Tech Giant With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Alleging ‘Bro Culture'”, Flora Carr, March 1, 2018

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