Class action lawsuit filed for violations of wage and hour laws

While many New York workers may hold their jobs because they enjoy the sense of purpose it gives them, most people work in order to earn an income. While money may not be everything, it is certainly needed in order for individuals to pay bills, buy groceries and other necessities, and carry out various aspects of their lives. Because of this reason, parties can suffer immense hardships when employers violate wage and hour laws.

Fortunately, when these violations occur, negatively affected workers have legal options. It was recently reported that a woman in another state chose to exercise her rights by filing a class action lawsuit against the establishment where she formerly worked. According to reports, the woman worked as a nail technician, but her employer also required that she and other workers carry out duties unrelated to their positions, including cleaning bathrooms.

The report states that the woman and other workers were not properly compensated for this extra work, nor were they paid for all of the hours spent on their regular work duties or for mandatory early arrivals. Legal representation for the woman claims that the employers simply paid workers for hours that they felt like paying rather than full compensation. The owners stated that these alleged issues were not previously brought to their attention and that the claims are untrue.

Wage and hour laws help to ensure that workers are not exploited for services or otherwise treated unfairly when it comes to pay. Of course, as this case shows, not every employer abides by the law. If New York workers believe that they have not received their fair and just compensation for their hours worked, they may wish to explore their legal options.

Source: CBS Denver, “Nail Tech Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Ella Bliss Beauty Bar”, Joel Hillan, May 17, 2018

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