Disability discrimination at work is a serious issue

Having one or multiple serious medical conditions does not always make life easier. However, many conditions also do not prevent individuals from having the ability to work in New York or elsewhere, even if they may need certain accommodations. Still some employers may feel hesitant about hiring individuals with disabilities or allowing them to continue working. Fortunately, employment laws protect workers from disability discrimination.

Despite the law, some workers may still face unfair treatment. If so, the law allows them to take legal action against their employers. It was recently reported that a woman in another state has filed a lawsuit against the theme park where she used to work. Reports stated that the woman suffers from multiple medical conditions, but she could still perform her work duties as long as she did not stoop, squat or work in high temperatures.

The woman was allowed to continue working, but when she started having blackouts and her doctors provided a note indicating that she should have a cell phone with her at all times, her employers did not allow the accommodation. After additional notes, she was allowed to carry her phone. However, she was later fired from her job, which she believes was an act of discrimination. She also stated that she was subjected to harassing actions while on the job, including supervisors making unnecessary comments about her medical conditions and disabilities, her appearance, and other aspects of her life.

When a medical condition or other disability does not impact a person’s ability to carry out job-related duties, that individual should be treated like any other worker. Of course, as this case shows, employers may not treat disabled workers fairly. If New York residents believe that they have faced disability discrimination on the job, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys about their legal options.

Source: whotv.com, “Adventureland Facing Discrimination Lawsuit from Former Employee”, Kelly Maricle, May 25, 2018

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