The FBI is not free from sexual harassment claims

When New York residents are asked to think of an annoying co-worker, it is likely that most people do not have to think too hard before a person comes to mind. While most people likely work alongside others with whom they do not particularly see eye to eye, the situation could go far beyond that as well. In some cases, individuals may face sexual harassment from one or more co-workers and feel unsafe on the job.

Unfortunately, one woman in another state had to face such a situation and later lost her job. Reports stated that she worked for the FBI, and during her time as an agent, she face harassment from a male co-worker. Some of the man’s actions included creating a fake dating profile using the woman’s picture and circulating rumors about her. The woman eventually went to police to file a complaint about the other agent’s actions.

After taking this step, the woman began facing additional unfair treatment at work. She was reprimanded by management and told that she should not discuss the harassment, even with the authorities. The woman went on to file a discrimination complaint within the FBI, and just months after that claim, she was dismissed from her position. As a result, she has filed a lawsuit in order to have the sexual harassment and other mistreatment addressed.

When supervisors and other individuals in management positions do not make the effort to properly address allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, victims may feel unaided and unheard. Fortunately, their journeys for seeking justice do not have to end with management brushing their claims under the rug. If New York workers have dealt with this type of harassment on the job, they may want to consider their legal options for having the problem properly addressed.

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